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Blinkee Wishes
I wish...
Note from the Mod: 
6th-Dec-2005 06:47 pm
Blizz flower
I hoped I wouldn't have to do this, but there is no corner of the LJ blinkie world where you can hide from drama.


In this comm:

  • You can make whatever rules you want, but you have to put them in your post. And the rules only apply to YOUR wish.

  • If you have a blinkie you wish for, ask WHERE you can get it made and if they say no where, no amount of pouting will get it made for you.

  • DO NOT take anything from here and request them somewhere else.

  • No belittleing or name calling. If someone throws a hissy fit tell me and I will spank them.

  • Grow up. If you can't act like an adult, even if you are 13, then don't join this comm.

  • You can reach me at blizzardskies@livejournal.com 24/7, but put BLINKIE_WISHES in the subject because I delete mail I don't recognize.

  • Have fun! It's the holidays and there is enough stress. No one needs any more.
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